About buying E-Ticket

Q: How do I pay for e-tickets?

Only credit card payment.

Q: Where are tickets saved after purchase?

It will be stored in My Page > My Ticket on the TOP of this website after user registration.

Q: How do I use an e-ticket?

The first time you ride, tap [Use] on the E-Ticket screen stored in My Ticket to activate it. (The expiration date will start counting.) Show the activated ticket screen to the driver and board the bus.
※The ticket cannot be paused after tapping [Use].

Q: What is [Details] on the ticket screen?

This is a function to display the E-ticket confirmation after the purchase of E-tickets. You can check the number of tickets purchased, the ticket issue date (purchase date), and the expiration date.
Valid tickets after activation can also be displayed here.

Q: What is [Split] on the ticket screen?

This will allow you to transfer purchased E-tickets to another person.
Press the [Split] button and enter the number of tickets you want to transfer, a ticket number will shows for transfer issued. Send that number to the transferee
the person receive the transfer ticket number Must register as a User of the E- ticket site and enter the ticket number receive in[+Ticket Receive] in My Page> My Ticket. The ticket will be added in My Page> My Ticket.
*Once you transferred the split ticket to that person you're not be able to use or change it.
It will appear on your side invalid <My Ticket>.

Q: Can I cancel an e-ticket I purchased?

If the ticket is in an unused state before activation (i.e., you have not tapped [Use]), you can cancel the ticket from My Page > Ticket Cancel.
*Please note that tickets cannot be cancelled after activation.

About buying Paper Ticket

Q: Where can I buy paper tickets?

Can be purchased from the shuttle bus driver. (Cash only).

Q: How do I use the paper tickets?

Please show your paper ticket to the shuttle bus driver.

Q: Can I cancel a purchased paper ticket?

We are sorry, Unable to cancel or refund purchased paper tickets.